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‘Personhood’ to Propose Constitutional Amendment in Kansas

KAKE News reports that ‘Personhood’ will be pursuing a constitutional amendment to ban abortions in the state of Kansas. My guess is that the wording and approach will be almost identical to Amendment 26, which failed in Mississippi in November.

The measure would have to pass by a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate in order to get on the ballot. ‘Personhood’ claims to have twenty-five senators on board already. This is a state whose state school board lengthily debated teaching intelligent design, which is enough to give you pause when considering what the legislature might do. On the other hand, voters ousted a majority of the board members responsible for that embarrassment, so perhaps the general public is more clever than it first lets on.

Only time will tell if this gains traction, and I wouldn’t venture a guess this early in the game.

(And, lest I forget, props to S., who writes at ‘beevomit’, for being the first to make me aware of this.)

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