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‘Personhood’ Introduces Amendment to Kansas Legislature

We knew it was coming, and it seems that ‘Personhood’ has formally introduced their bill to ban abortions in the state of Kansas.

Robin Marty points out that, unlike Colorado and Mississippi where Personhood has already failed, the issue would be put to a vote on August 7th, when voting is done for primaries, instead of on the same day as the general election. This is a strategic move, and is doubtless meant to ensure that the voters who turn out to cast their ballots on the issue are more likely to be the partisan, hard-line conservatives that Personhood needs to ensure passage.

I still wouldn’t panic, as I’m not totally sold on it getting the required two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate to allow it to come to a vote (though Governor Brownback will surely sign it, if it does), but it is something to keep an eye on and prepare to fight.

I’ve not yet found the bill number for this, but will post it when I do so that you can read the full text.

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