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Link Roundup – 01/28/12

More on drone usage, both at home and abroad.

The Military will be conducting exercises in and around L.A. The LAPD will be assisting.

Speaking of the military, here’s a slick, colorful chart to give a comparison of our relative spending and power vs. others’.

Doug Casey discusses the looming collapse of the EU, at least as we know it. And, related due to the mutual discussion of gold, Marin Katusa examines the status of the petrodollar, and its relation to wars in the middle east. Yet More concerning the economy, over on ‘Antiwar.’

I meant to talk about Hawaii’s plan to track every website you visit the other day, but it didn’t really fit with what I was writing about. Just as well, because there’s now a followup.

More news today concerning the Megaupload takedown case.

And finally, it appears we have our first usage of the new NDAA. The man in question is Yemeni, and not a U.S. national, so I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the inevitable use of this law against Americans.

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