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On Avoiding “Me-Libertarianism,” and Actually Talking to the ‘Left’

A huge hat-tip to ‘Bleeding Heart Libertarians,’ which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs, for linking some articles on the ‘Moorfield Storey Blog’ (which I may have to begin reading regularly) concerning the problems with “me-libertarianism,” and the tendency of libertarians in general to communicate very badly with the political left. Though I find more often than not that I share the same goals with my “progressive” friends, our discussions reach an impasse as often as not. Perhaps, though I try for clarity, there has been a disconnect between what I think I’m saying, and what they think I’m saying.

‘The Disaster of Me Libertarianism’
‘No, Calvin, this is different!’
‘Why Libertarians Need to Talk With the Left and How to Do It’ 

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