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Link Roundup – 02/07/12

‘Anonymous’ has revealed emails concerning the Hadita massacre. Also from them, intercepted phone calls between the FBI and Scotland Yard.

The GMR-1 and GMR-2 encryption used by satellite phones has been cracked. More here.

Apparently blowing up civilians has given their industry a bit of a bad image, so the fine people who produce drones want to make them brighter, cheerier, and friendlier. 

If you happen to be Muslim, be careful what you text. Even if you’re Canadian, eh? Yes, even if you’re Canadian.

The Iranian navy visits Saudi Arabia, to “show the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the open seas and to confront Iranophobia.” Tehran is also threatening to attack any nation which assists its enemies. They really might want to get all of their RP people on the same page. On the other side of the world, the U.S. navy is conducting drills off the coast of Florida, and the U.S. government has frozen Iranian assets held in the United States.

The Moorfield Storey Blog has a very good article about the slippery, not-what-they-seem employment numbers coming out of Washington.

In preparation for our withdrawal from Afghanistan, we’ll win a few more hearts and minds by shifting to a strategy that more heavily employs special ops units.

SOPA/PIPA may be essentially dead, but another of Rep. Lamar Smith’s asinine bills is still around.

Are you a “sovereign citizen”? You’ll probably turn into a cop killer sooner or later.

Impressed with the Department of Homeland Security’s performance in other areas? There’s legislation on the table that would put them in charge of the IT security at businesses.

The CATO Institute has released a study on defensive handgun usage.

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