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Link Roundup – 02/17/12

Our ridiculously huge embassy in Iraq is to be downsized.

It seems that Hungary understands the inherent value of paper money, and has found a good use for it.

The Canadian legislature are considering expanding the powers of law enforcement to snoop. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews says anyone who doesn’t support this legislation is siding with the child pornographers.

The Russian top brass believe the U.S. may strike Iran by this summer. In the meantime, the Iranian Navy is keeping tabs on American warships.

Though we’ve ostensibly left Iraq, the Pentagon still wants rather a lot of money for activities related to the country.

Want to keep the numbers down for military deaths? Just outsource.

Horrifyingly, but unsurprisingly, U.S. debt is expected to continue to increase.

A Tennessee sheriff’s department is training their deputies to be anti-Muslim.

Remember, ignorance of the law is no defense. Unless you’re a cop.

Colorado man goes to jail for not licensing his dog.

Radley Balko, of ‘The Agitator,’ has a piece on the Huffington Post concerning the efforts of a New Hampshire town to keep their local police from buying an armored personnel carrier.

The dead linger, but who do they vote for?

India declares it won’t censor the internet, except when it does.

The Pentagon is allocating $7 million to research human-controlled (but semi-autonomous) bipedal robots.

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