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Link Roundup – 02/20/12

Fun fact: Your printer (may) be placing codes on your printouts which could be used to identify you.

The government can (and perhaps does) read your email. The ACLU goes “Hm” and files a request to know more.

Two Canadian universities will be monitoring faculty correspondence to look for links to copyrighted works, and presumably whatever else strikes their fancy.

Also in privacy news, the UK flipped the terrorism/child porn coin, and it came up ‘terrorism.’ So that’s the justification they’ll be going with to demand records on phone calls and emails.

Iran will be ceasing deliveries of oil to France and the United Kingdom. Also in Iran-related news, The US and UK warn Israel not to jump the gun, and Iran is conducting exercises.

Not exactly shocking, but an interesting story about how Target data-mines your purchases.

Things in Greece have been pear-shaped for a while now, but it appears they may shortly get worse, with possibly quite interesting consequences.

Does Warren Buffett have ulterior motives for wanting a higher tax rate for the rich? I’ve no idea, but it’s an interesting idea.

If you’ve been hiding your wealth from the IRS, they once again have a program whereby you can come clean and they’ll take somewhat less money than they would otherwise. Mighty white of ’em…

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