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Link Roundup – 02/23/12

The TSA is getting more money, and more manpower. It seems they won’t be getting any new body scanners in 2013, but there’s no real reason to jump for joy. I’m sure glad the government is borrowing most of the money it uses for this, or just deficit spending. I’d been annoyed if they were spending within their means, and my tax dollars were paying for this.

Washington state may soon require all health plans to cover abortions (with exemptions for institutions opposed on moral grounds). I’ve touched on my objections to such schemes previously, and will probably be coming back to this bill and discussing it further. For various reasons, this sort of mandate strikes me as a bad idea.

Also abortion related, Democrats in Georgia are engaging in some legislative trolling, so popular as of late, and proposing that vasectomies be limited. Speaking of vasectomies, it seems you can get your firearm permit fast-tracked in India by agreeing to have one. Hat-tip to ‘The Firearms Blog’ (a great non-political gun blog, by the way).

Gimmicky, but interesting. Behold the transparency grenade.

A family is denied permission to travel out of the country due to a damaged passport. Remember, it does say in your passport that it belongs not to you, but to the State Department. By extension, the ability to legally leave your own country is a privilege and not a right, and the government may at its pleasure make you a prisoner of your nation.

Kim Dotcom is out of jail, but must now fight extradition.

France will have no more ‘mademoiselles’.

Fitch has downgraded Greece’s credit rating yet again, after their latest $173 billion bailout. 

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