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Link Roundup – 02/24/12

The United States (among others) may soon be involved with the ongoing conflict in Syria, but the President and others seem to be uncertain about this. Our hesitation seems strange, given the rhetoric against Iran, and the fact that a much better case can be made for intervention in Syria than and invasion of Iran. In the meantime the EU is freezing Syrian assets.

The Afghans are very seriously annoyed about the copies of the Koran which were burned along with other items seized by Western forces. The voice of sensibility and moderation that he is, Newt Gingrich gave his own take on matters.

Speaking of Newt, as well as moon bases he plans to bring $2.50/gallon gas back to the American people.

Romney and Santorum are in the lead in Michigan. How? I don’t know…

Santorum will be distressed to learn that gay marriage should soon be legal in Maryland.

Bradley Manning has been formally charged, with embarrassing the government aiding the enemy, among other things. He has deferred his plea for the time being.

Various governments, having apparently noticed that the (relatively) unregulated nature of the internet hasn’t necessarily been good for them, have decided that what we really need is a U.N. body to manage the web.

A U.N. report heightens fears that Iran may in fact be attempting to make nuclear weapons. Would this revelation justify an American invasion? Of course not, but I’m sure we won’t let that stop us.

Mercifully, the world may never see the John Edward sex tape.

It seems police have nothing better to do than flirt with teenage boys until the love-struck youngsters agree to find pot for them. Then arrest them. It makes their brethren in Minnesota, who illegally used DMV files to creep on an attractive colleague, seem like a harmless triviality.

Julian Savulescu writes that vegetarians have a moral obligation to eat test-tube meat.

Michigan seeks to outlaw toy guns.

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