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Link Roundup – 02/27/12

Wikileaks is releasing emails obtained from the Stratfor intelligence company. I’m personally amused at their reaction, calling it a “deplorable” breach of their privacy. Guys… you’re an intelligence gathering service. Your entire existence is based upon breaching others’ privacy, so suck it up.

Iran continues to enrich uranium, U.S. gas prices continue to rise, and international inspectors may be given access to military sites. Meanwhile, the United States is telling all its friends not to play with Iran at recess.

With a new leader at the helm, it’s great to see North Korea still doing what they do best.

Tennessee has decided the best approach to dealing with homosexuality is to ignore it and hope it goes away.

Growing human eggs from stem cells? Neat. And I can’t wait to hear how the conservative right spins this.

Cop stories have a habit of being depressing and infuriating. This one is no different.

Have a hidden compartment in your vehicle? Don’t go to Ohio.

Facebook has been accused of reading users’ text messages. Is the accusation true? Who knows… but it’s yet another sign that there’s a lot of distrust and suspicion concerning the social network giant.

Drones, drones, drones… here’s a bit about the Reaper drone. And more drones are destined to be flying around in domestic airspace. Lastly, and certainly most disturbingly, the Air Force is hard at work on a long-range, “optionally manned” bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Who wrote Santa and asked for drones armed with atomic bombs?

Pakistan wants to censor the internet. Or at least as much of it as it possibly can.

France plans to mandate breathalyzers (among other things) for all cars.

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