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Link Roundup – 03/02/12

A very good article on the growing misunderstanding of what does and should constitute a “right.”

Supreme Court rules against the FBI. FBI turns off its GPS trackers. FBI whines a little.

EPIC obtains documents concerning the monitoring of social media by Homeland Security. And here’s the words you shouldn’t say. Or should say all at once. Whatever works for you.

North Korea, having rattled its sabers to the appropriate amount, has graciously agreed to suspend uranium enrichment in exchange for aid.

Kim Dotcom is finally out of jail, though the U.S. did try unsuccessfully and have him put back in.

A general with the Syrian Free Army has stated that the United States and France have been arming them.

According to the Stratfor emails released by Wikileaks, there has been a sealed indictment drawn up against Julian Assange for some time.

An article on CNN asserting that it’s not the fault of higher education that American youth are abandoning Christianity.

Senate bill which would have allowed religious institutions to deny contraceptives coverage in their insurance gets shot down.

Iran and India continue to sort out their dollars-free oil trade. Israel grows impatient with out sluggish progress towards invading Iran. The world keeps spinnin’.

I’ve seen the previews for ‘Act of Valor.’ Personally, it looks for all the world like a propaganda piece, and I won’t be seeing it. RT, it seems, agrees.

The White House has issued the guidelines for when and how we may be detained indefinitely without trial.

Journalist records cops, gets arrested for resisting arrest (yes, you read that correctly), and has his video footage deleted. Fortunately he was able to recover most of the footage. This brings up a couple questions: How exactly can a person be arrested just for resisting arrest? That’s a secondary charge. You’d think the police would require a reason to arrest you in the first place. Also, wouldn’t it be destruction of evidence to delete the footage of, and leading up to, the arrest?

U.S. government takes down a Canadian owned and registered website for violating Maryland law. Remember, not living within American jurisdiction is no excuse for not following American laws.

Rear-view cameras will likely be mandated on all new vehicles by 2014. Thank you NHTSA for Thinking of the Children.™

Colorado may legalize possession of marijuana, even if its just because you want to smoke up. Should this pass, the inevitable pissing match with the DEA will be entertaining for everyone.

Japanese researchers have invented a device to shut people up.

An interesting, moving collection of portraits of writing about addicts in the South Bronx.

Why Josh Barrow prefers restaurants which get a ‘B’ grade over those with an ‘A.’

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