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And the Worst is Yet to Come…

America’s quadrennial horror continues unabated. The lack of enthusiasm coupled with mild amusement which characterized my early reaction to the Republican nomination race has been entirely replaced by resignation and loathing. I still like Ron Paul, but I’m a realist, and it’s clear that he’s playing this game for platform exposure and bargaining chips. I dislike everyone else to varying degrees.

Romney wouldn’t be substantially different from Obama, he just plays for a different club. Newt “King of the Moon” Gingrich is a horrifying megalomaniac. And Santorum is, well, Santorum

I talked with a coworker of mine who also attended the local caucus. He told me I lost pretty much everyone with my first sentence, right as I belittled their firm adherence to the idea that abortion, gay marriage, immigration, et al were The Most Important Issues Ever. Another caucus ally said that eyes everywhere glazed over after I brought up budget figures. Last election one local gentleman affirmed that abortion caused illegal immigration, so this is probably about what I should have expected.

Anyway, Santorum won my county with 47% of the vote, and took the whole state with 51%. He won a couple more states shortly thereafter. He’s transitioned from an amusing back-marker into something approaching a legitimate contender for the nomination. I would still put my dollars on Romney clinching it, but Santorum’s recent victories could make the rest of the race much more interesting tedious. I do not understand the appeal, but to hear my fellow caucus-goers talk, there may be a widespread belief that if we just keep the gays from getting married and the women from having abortions, then the Good Lord will balance our federal budget and scrub the rust off all our abandoned factories.

The election can’t get here soon enough. The sooner we sort out the issue of either replacing or retaining our current Fearless Leader, the sooner we can all get back to driving the country into the ground.

Here are Kansas caucus results by county.

Here is a fancy-pants pie chart of the overall Kansas results (‘uncommitted’ votes, and those who voted for someone no longer in the race omitted.)

4 responses to “And the Worst is Yet to Come…

  1. John Brownlee March 18, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    Kansas is par for the stupidity. At least we didn’t vote for Gingrich…

  2. adewvall March 19, 2012 at 11:30 am

    I contend that most of the “horrifying” candidates we see (although legitimately, authentically horrifying) are pawns used with more or less success by a party to ultimately guarantee the success of another candidate. At this point, most sane people would be THRILLED to see Romney clinch the nomination.

    However, the unsettling counterpoint to my own argument is that at the heart of politics, despite the fact that the industry itself is controlled by a mere handful of men with deep pockets, to get a candidate to “win”, they have to be supported by the public. So, in order to win a majority of votes from an increasingly disturbing public… we are seeing increasingly disturbing candidates. A party who wants to control power must extend as “choices” deranged individuals who will gain public support.

    Um, and why exactly do we think our system is so great? Yes, let’s foist this hell on as many other countries as possible.

    If our government reflects our population, then for our government to improve, we must improve our people. And that task is so monumental that I am getting a migraine just thinking about it. All most of us can do, really, is take responsibility for ourselves and our families. Teach civic responsibility, the value of education, logical reasoning, etc. But truthfully? I don’t think this battle can be won.

    • WKB March 19, 2012 at 11:49 am

      So do you think that some of the candidates (Santorum, for instance) have been allowed to run by the party elite simply to serve as stalking horses for the GOP favorite? That’s certainly the impression I got concerning Sarah Palin, four years ago.

      The American public is not, in general, overly blessed with critical thinking skills. And I don’t really think our particular flavor of democratic republicanism does much to counter this; it encourages pandering to the lowest common denominator. Playing to this, the party elites field increasingly dreary “choices” upon us.

      I’m inclined to agree this is a war that can’t be won. I suppose one could always take the other route, and support the very worst choices in the hope that we can more rapidly reach the point of collapse. Though the wisdom of that hinges entirely on being well-positioned enough to encourage something better afterward…

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