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Link Roundup – 03/20/12

The NSA plans to open a new data center in Utah by 2013. Feel safer yet?

Rick Santorum, if elected, would quite like to crack down on the “scourge of pornography” currently afflicting the internet.

The United States has won extradition of a college student from the UK, for copyright infringement. I have no words.

In the interests of protecting the increasingly outmoded brick-and-mortar software sales model, Connecticut legislators are proposing a tax on downloads.

Kim Dotcom, of Megaupload fame, may be able to reclaim his assets due to a procedural error.

Researchers are postulating ways to exert “soft control” over people by means of incentives built into games, etc. on their mobile devices.

Pentagon war games discover the United States may be drawn into a regional conflict with Iran should Israel attack them, leaving “hundreds of Americans dead.” Forgive me for not being exactly shocked.

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