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Link Roundup – 05/07/12

Does the FBI routinely act as agents provocateurs? Of course they do. David Shipler, at the New York Times, writes an op-ed on the practice.

New York City is Thinking of the Children™, and has banned teachers from ‘friending’ students on social media sites.

Of course, NYC hardly has a monopoly on this, and it appears the UK may also be Thinking of the Children™, and going forward with the notion to filter those pesky interwebs, and force users to opt-in for porn.

And holy crap almighty! The European Union will also be Thinking of the Children™!

Russia is less than thrilled about any planned missile defense system.

The federal government seized a hip-hop music site for over a year while it sat around waiting for proof of any crime.

Not content with arrangements such as that, the FBI is politely asking everyone not to get their panties all up in a bunch over a proposed law to force tech companies to provide built-in backdoors for government snooping. I would, however, encourage you to bunch up your collective panties to an incredible degree. RT’s take here.

NYC may have to defend its “stop and frisk” practices in court.

RT reports on the alleged existence of current U.S. Army procedures for interring American citizens in camps. Sounds like business as usual.

More about the American military’s proposed replacement bomber.

One response to “Link Roundup – 05/07/12

  1. John Brownlee May 8, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Will New York succeed?

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