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Firearms Link Roundup – 02/09/13

Firearms controls don’t work nearly as well as politicians would like.

Moorfield Storey Blog has a couple of articles examining firearm ownership and homicide rates.

It seems a draft proposal for tighter restrictions in New York was draconian enough that a Democratic legislator urged his Republican counterpart to keep the proposal a secret.

San Diego police chief William Lansdowne thinks that with the right laws, Americans could be disarmed within a generation, and that would be just great. I’d suggest he read some Small Arms Survey publications, and see how well that idea has worked in other parts of the world.

The California Senate Democrats seem to be on board with him, though.

On the flip side, various counties and cities are looking to nullify any bans.

And enforcement might require an IT overhaul.

Wyoming legislators are looking to criminalize any enforcement of a federal ban.

And finally, in home-state news, right-to-carry reforms are advancing through the Kansas legislature.


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