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On Avoiding “Me-Libertarianism,” and Actually Talking to the ‘Left’

A huge hat-tip to ‘Bleeding Heart Libertarians,’ which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blogs, for linking some articles on the ‘Moorfield Storey Blog’ (which I may have to begin reading regularly) concerning the problems with “me-libertarianism,” and the tendency of libertarians in general to communicate very badly with the political left. Though I find more often than not that I share the same goals with my “progressive” friends, our discussions reach an impasse as often as not. Perhaps, though I try for clarity, there has been a disconnect between what I think I’m saying, and what they¬†think I’m saying.

‘The Disaster of Me Libertarianism’
‘No, Calvin, this is different!’
‘Why Libertarians Need to Talk With the Left and How to Do It’¬†


‘The Law According to the Somalis’

An interesting¬†discussion of Michael van Notten’s book ‘The Law of the Somalis,‘ on ‘The Daily Anarchist.’

This book is going on my reading list immediately.

Libertarian Philosophy Post on BHL

There’s a interesting discussion brewing over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians, regarding the various flavors of libertarian philosophy.